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Easy Pressure Cooker Pasta Recipe + Contadina GIVEAWAY!

I recently discovered making pasta in the pressure cooker, and it’s life-changing! Oh my goodness, can you imagine making pasta without having to boil water and using a strainer? Without having tomato sauce splatters on your clothes and counters? Without having to constantly watch and stir your boiling pasta and the pasta sauce? And yet, Read more »

Check Out the Gosiengfiao Sisters’ Christmas Gift List

Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao’s Christmas Gift List + Giveaways! Popular cosplayers Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao recently uploaded some videos where they showcased various Taiwan Exellence-accredited products. With Christmas coming in a few weeks, consider giving these top quality products as gifts to friends and family. COOKING CHALLENGE WITH ALODIA AND ASHLEY In Alodia’s video, the Read more »

WinTV Digibox HD Digital Receiver Review + GIVEAWAY!

Look at what arrived at The Barat Queen’s home! It’s a WinTV Digibox for review. The WinTV Digibox is a locally manufactured High Definition Digital Receiver. As far as I know, it’s the only one that’s locally manufactured. Support local businesses!  WHAT DOES THE WINTV DIGIBOX DO? It enables your TV to receive the clear, Read more »

Swiss Miss & Calendar Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thank you, dear readers, for joining the giveaway! CONGRATULATIONS Your entries were so heartwarming! Thank you! The winners are: Rhen Estillero – love your post! You win a box of Swiss Miss and the 2015 Caffe Bene Calendar! Why I like Because…B-arat din ako that’s why I stumbled upon your blog. A-wesome deals and Read more »

1,000+ Facebook Fans Thank You Giveaway

Hello, everyone! It’s been a year since I started BaratAko back up and I am so grateful for all of my readers and for all the wonderful people I have met since I started this blog! GRATITUDE A few things that have me very happy are: First, Barat Ako’s Facebook Page has reached 1,000 Fans! Read more »

What Are You Craving? #CravelistatTuscany Instagram Contest

Have you checked out the restaurants at The Tuscany on McKinley Hill? I recently wrote about about the #CravelistatTuscany dishes last month, featuring some must-try items at some of the unique restaurants at The Tuscany restaurant row. Check out these yummy, mouthwatering dishes on the Instagram accounts of McKinley Hill @mckinleyhill_ and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls @megaworldlifestylemalls Read more »

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