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What to Do When Hiring a Maid

It seems like everyone I know is looking for a maid. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find good help these days. I’m currently in the search myself, so I thought I’d write these set of tips as a reference for myself and for my friends. These are things I realized I should have Read more »

Be Healthy, Get Real Rewards from the Philam Vitality Active App

It’s no surprise to realize that people are living less healthy lives today. With all the conveniences of modern life, as well as the accompanying stress of so many demands upon us, Filipinos are not as healthy as they used to be. The Philam Vitality Program wants to encourage us to be healthier, and you’ll Read more »

Checking Out Okada Manila + Dinner at their Red Spice Restaurant

The Okada Manila has been on soft opening since December 2016, and it’s already been featured during the whole Miss Universe event, but this is the only time that we’ve had to check it out. Aayyyyy, it’s already February! It seems like everyone has already been there but us! So we drove out to Okada Read more »

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