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WinTV Digibox HD Digital Receiver Review + GIVEAWAY!

Look at what arrived at The Barat Queen’s home! It’s a WinTV Digibox for review. The WinTV Digibox is a locally manufactured High Definition Digital Receiver. As far as I know, it’s the only one that’s locally manufactured. Support local businesses!  WHAT DOES THE WINTV DIGIBOX DO? It enables your TV to receive the clear, Read more »

Recommended: Netflix’s New Release – Stranger Things

Netflix quietly released a new show called Stranger Things last July 15. While there wasn’t much fanfare (none that reached me, anyway), I had begun hearing about the show on social media. People were all praises for Stranger Things. ***NO SPOILERS*** I watched the trailer on Youtube, but it seemed like a horror film and Read more »

What TV Shows Are You Watching? March 2016

Second Chance is a good TV show that you should watch! It has action, futuristic science, crime-solving, family drama (but not too much), and just a tiny bit of romance. It’s in danger of being cancelled because not a lot of people know about the show. So here’s my contribution to let more people know Read more »

List of Movies To See in 2016

Hello everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2016 and it took me a while to get started with the year. I am sorry I haven’t been able to update the blog in a while. Things just got really hectic during the holidays, with friends visiting, get-togethers, parties, and household obligations, like they always do every year. Read more »

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Watch It NOW **No Spoilers**

The long-anticipated movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was released in theaters in Manila last Thursday (Dec. 17, 2015). Many people, of course, trooped to theaters to watch the new Star Wars film. I didn’t go because I had already anticipated long lines and horrendous traffic in the run up to Christmas. Also, I don’t Read more »

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