Easy Quick N’ Eat Angus Beef with Cheese and Onion Confit Recipe

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties with Cheese and Onion Confit

Easy Quick N’ Eat Angus Beef Recipe

If you haven’t noticed, I’m big on beef!

I want to share the easy way I cook and serve these Quick N’ Eat Angus Beef Patties from S&R. This is my cheater’s way to a delicious, quick, easy yet sort of gourmet meal! We buy these Quick N’ Eat Angus Beef Patties whenever we find them on sale. They are very easy to prepare whenever we need a quick ulam, snack or baon. Yup, because there are crazy days when you just need to open the refrigerator and want to find something to cook, FAST!

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties

Each box has a pack of 12 fully-cooked, frozen patties in a ziploc bag. The bag is easy to reseal after I take the number of patties that I need. The beef patties don’t stick to each other, amazingly, even without any paper in between. And the best part is, there’s no need to defrost them!

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties and Raw Onions

Depending on how many people are going to be joining dinner, bringing baon, or wanting a snack, I just get as many frozen patties as I need. The patties are big, and for a meal for 5 people, I can just cook 4 patties. We have these with other viands (ulam), so we don’t get one patty per person (it’s too much). We serve it family-style, where we just take maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a patty for each person, and get more if we want more.

The first thing I do is prepare the onion confit:

Slice a lot of onions! As many onions as you want! I’d go with 6-8 medium-sized onions. The onions shrink as you cook them so you really won’t end up with a lot.

In a pan, melt some butter (I used garlic butter because that’s what we have a lot of), add the onions, lower the heat to about medium, and just let it cook. That’s it. It takes about 10-20 minutes and you have to keep stirring it every few minutes to keep it from burning and to let the onions cook evenly, but that’s it. Easy!

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties Onion Confit Heating ButterSnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties Onion Confit Cooking

When the onions have started to brown (take care not to burn the onions!), just season with a little salt and pepper. I cheat and add a little sugar, too. Give it a quick stir so all the flavors are evenly distributed, turn off the heat, and it’s done!

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties Onion Confit

Cooking the Quick N’ Eat Angus Beef Patties

You need a pan with a lid. I don’t like the results when heating this in the microwave, and I’m too lazy to take out and clean all the grilling paraphernalia, so skillet cooking it is! 

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties Skillet Grill Microwave Heating Instructions

Heat the pan (medium to low heat), put the frozen patties on the skillet. I can fit 2 patties in my skillet. Pour 1/4 cup of water. Cover the pan, preferably with a glass lid so you can see how the cooking is going! This seems to make it cook faster and more evenly, and gives a juicier burger.

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties Cooking

After 3 minutes, turn the patties to heat the other side.

SnR Quick N Eat Angus Beef Patties with Cheese and Onion Confit 2

After each patty is heated through, I plate it and put a slice of cheese over it, then top them all with the onion confit! We prefer to eat this with rice, but you can opt to serve this with hamburger buns! 

I find these beef patties convenient, easy to cook and very versatile. Instead of onion confit, next time, I might try it with a teriyaki sauce. Or maybe actually make a hamburger with cilantro mayo or honey mustard mayo! 

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