Scam Alert: GAMEPAD SCAM + How to Stop It

Gamepad Scam

If you have ever been victimized by these sort of text scams, please comment below.

We just want to get an idea of how many people have been affected by this.

Last February 28, I was surprised when I received a text message from Gamepad telling me that I am suddenly registered to them.


No way at all did I ever register to Gamepad. I never play games on my phone, it is only used mainly for calls & texts, social media, taking pictures, checking emails and Waze. I am not a gamer and I prefer to watch shows instead of gaming.

Here’s the screenshot of the text messages:

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Knowing that it’s better if I show the screenshot to Globe, I chose to report it via Twitter and not over the phone. I did not have time that day to take care of it since I was out, so I only reported it to Globe’s Twitter Customer Service, @talk2globe, last March 2.

Some of my friends have already told me about these kinds of subscription scams and how their prepaid load was being eaten up by these scammy charges. Anyway, I had my screenshot, and I thought that reporting this to Globe and resolving this would be fast and easy. Well, I thought wrong!

Buti nalang I always keep my Globe prepaid balance at ZERO and keep all my prepaid money in GCASH, as I described here. Whenever I need to subscribe to something, say, Gotscombodd70, I just go to GCash and reload P70, and then promptly register to Gotscombodd70, and my prepaid balance is back at ZERO. These scams are why (and also because I don’t like my prepaid load expiring).

So, I have no idea if Gamepad is eating any of my prepaid load because my prepaid load is ZERO. But, a close friend of mine has been victimized by this, and he gets P2.50 to P5.00 deducted every day before he got that resolved.


If you do a quick Google search for “gamepad scam” you’ll see that many people have already been victimized by this.

Anyway, I reported this to Globe:

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

To be honest, I didn’t really mind the long response time. I first reported it at around 6 PM, but their next reponse was around 10 PM. What really bothered me was the robotic response and how they did not address my concerns. They just copy-pasted their spiel! Can they not chat like a normal person? Here I am, reporting a scam, worried if my prepaid load will be deducted next time when I reload, tapos, deadma sila!

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot 8a

For the NTH time, I did not subscribe to Gamepad!!!

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot 10a

Are they kidding? Nope, unfortunately not. P2.50 BALANCE IS REQUIRED just to unsubscribe from this scam that I never subscribed to in the first place??? Not gonna happen.

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot


I was getting really, really ballistic at this point, but still trying to be civil. Check out the time stamp, it’s almost 4 AM already! I was just happy someone from Globe was answering, even if it’s all robotic responses.

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot

Globe Gamepad Scam Screenshot


At this point, I was just too pissed off to have them address my other concerns. At least the main concern about getting unsubscribed was resolved, hopefully. We’ll see. I have not yet received any message from 2151 telling me that I have been unsubscribed from their scam.

I am not replying STOP to some scammy number that I never even subscribed to in the first place. Feedback from other people who have been scammed say that unsubscribing doesn’t stop the daily charges, anyway.

I will never, ever, ever subscribe to any of these scams. The only things I will ever register for are Globe promos to official Globe numbers like 8080.

  • Is Globe aware that Gamepad is a scam?
  • If so, what are they doing about it?
  • Also, how did I even get subscribed in the first place?
  • And is there a way to opt out of all these scams???

Sound off in the comments!

Update: March 6, 2017

I received a text message from Globe yesterday telling me that they have processed my request to stop receiving messages from gamepad. So far, I have not received any more texts from gamepad and I assume that Globe has blocked them from my number. I do wish Globe had been more specific about it and flat out told me that gamepad will never deduct anything from my prepaid load ever again.

Even though this is resolved, I am still very pissed off that I was even subscribed in the first place. Nananahimik ako tapos biglang nasasubscribe sa scam. It was also such a waste of time to report this and have it unsubscribed!

Globe Access Number Stop Access Message

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10 thoughts on “Scam Alert: GAMEPAD SCAM + How to Stop It

  1. Anonymous

    Same thing happened to me. Globe’s MO: they spam you with free trial stuff, which you need to unsubscribe to as soon as you get them… or else you get charged daily for the unwanted service. Though you can always call Globe to get a rebate, they sure will give you a hard time before giving in. Also, imagine the amount of people who just would go through the trouble because it’s too cumbersome; they just unsubscribe after getting deducted x amount from their load. Of course Globe does not care… because they’re in on it for the extra revenue.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Thank you for sharing your experience, anon.

      Automatically subscribing people to a potentially paid service should be illegal. If it’s not illegal, it should be.

      Why should I, as a subscriber, have to make the effort to opt-out of something I never even subscribed to in the first place? In my eyes, THAT IS A SCAM.

      Imagine how much money they already made from people who are too busy to make the effort to stop this scam?

      If there is a DO NOT CALL LIST for telemarketers, there should also be a DO NOT SPAM LIST for these text spam.

      I am okay with receiving text messages about promos like those from my credit card companies and from Globe, but I am NOT OKAY with receiving these kinds of spam that you NEED TO OPT OUT OF OR ELSE THEY WILL SCAM YOUR MONEY.

  2. Anonymous

    Do you know that out of the 5 pesos (or 2.50 pesos as the case may be) that is scammed out of you, Globe gets at least 70% while the content provider, in this case – gamepad, gets 30%?

    could you be the ‘voice’ of all the poor prepaid subscribers who have been continuously scammed? Please report this to NTC ….. though again, i doubt anything would happen…

    has change really come??

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Omg, kaya ba deadma lang sa scam?

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any contacts at NTC. That’s why I am sharing this on the blog, so people who have also been scammed can share their experiences in the comments, too. Hopefully, when somebody sees how many people have been scammed, this gets to the proper people and changes can be made.

  3. Cesar

    Same thing happened to me! In my experience it was 2151 (gamepad and gameworldph)

    March 9, 2017: I visit Globe and ask information from CSR for my unexplained prepaid consumption. I was informed Globe’s 3rd party Content Providers has been deducting. CSR created report and I was given (rebate) P80 load.

    March 10, 2017: I received an SMS from 2151 Thanking me for subscribing to gameworld and I have been charged P50.

    March 10, 2017: I email [email protected] and for ask explanation why I was charged P50 for something I did not subscribe to. Their reply:

    “Dear Sir Cesar,

    Good day!

    Sorry to hear that Sir.

    We have different campaigns online that maybe one time you encountered this while using your mobile data and might click our ad campaign that will lead you to subscription.

    To assist you in this concern, can you please let us know your mobile number so we can check your subscription and we can also facilitate the opt out?

    Thank you so much and if you have any other concern, don’t hesitate to contact us.”

    (I never opted in, never signed up for ANY service in the first place! Accidentally “click” your ad campaign on my mobile? That is pure bovine scatology!)

    I report this to Globe 211, they said they are investigating.

    I emailed gameworld again stating my intention to lodge a formal complaint with DTI. I have already gotten in touch with DTI and they referred me to NTC.

    March 12, 2017: I receive an apology from gameworld and they promise to blacklist my number from their service. They are also sending me a refund of charges they made against my mobile number. Lo and behold, they credited P1,300! yes, they must have billed be on 26 different occasions in the past that I did not even notice.

    I am just one victim, who was scammed P1,300. How many others are out there, who have not complained, or have not noticed this?

    Globe, this has been happening for several years now. Why have you not blocked these predators?!

    @baratako I can send you screenshots if you wish so we can help everyone.

    1. Anonymous

      Cesar, thank you for sharing! What a story! You may send me the screenshots at [email protected], I can add them to your comment.

  4. Gerard

    I just received this subscription now. Good thing I still remembered off the top of my head what I did on my phone and looked at my Android Firefox history. There it was, in a coded URL, a call to gamepad. It was triggered via a popup call from a website claiming “how to secure your phone”. (ironic)

  5. Gerard

    Okay, after some deeper analysis, I found something disturbing. After searching the web on the feasibility of being able to know a user’s phone number I came across a discussion on StackOverflow. As it turns out, there is this thing called an MSISDN being used by your mobile network. This metadata is used by your phone when connected via mobile data (on wifi this obviously will not be there). What is MSISDN, you ask? It’s your f*cking phone number! I looked at the GamePad url again and as my suspicions became true. There it was, as plain as day, passed in the URL’s parameters, was my freakin’ phone number! We need to bring this to their attention!

    1. Gerard

      Also note that trying to “debug” your phone with a website like won’t yield your phone number. It appears that they selectively disclose your phone number to Glboe partners like, say, GamePad.

    2. Barat Queen Post author

      Yikes! I knew it! I use Globe for mobile data but I never intentionally visited any gamepad URL. So they are doing something underhanded to make your phone visit their site.

      Thank you very much for sharing, Gerard. Technical, but something we need to know! At this point, I don’t know what we can do, but let’s keep on sharing and hope that more people see this.

      Anyway, I’m still doing my practice of keeping ZERO BALANCE on my prepaid account and only loading exactly how much I need to register to a promo. I find that is the best defense against load stealing.


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