Updated: Hitachi vs. Carrier Window Type Inverter Aircon Experience / Review

Carrier Inverter Aircon 1.0 HP Window Type

Last year, we bought a 1.0 HP Carrier Inverter Aircon (Window Type). We originally planned to buy the cheaper Hitachi one, which we already had in another room. But my sister’s friend who had an appliance shop said that the Hitachi one was bad, and recommended that we get the Carrier instead (more expensive by a few thousand pesos).

SRP for the Hitachi is around 26k, for the Carrier, it’s around 30k. We got most of them on promo where they gave us free stand fans.

We wanted a window type aircon because it’s just easier – installation is faster since we already have the aircon hole (rectangle), and aircon cleaning is cheaper – just P400-500 for window type vs. P1000+ for split type.

CARRIER 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon

Anyway, we decided to try the Carrier upon his recommendation. Everything seemed okay. But that aircon was seldom used anymore after the first few months, then the ber months were cold enough not to use the aircon as much because that bedroom had good air ventilation. Haha, tipid mode pa din! 😀

Then last week, it started getting warmer, so the Carrier aircon was used. But it wasn’t getting cold at all. It was like it was stuck in FAN mode. After trying different modes on our end and the aircon was still not getting cold, I finally called Carrier for service.

Fortunately, we were still within the 1-year warranty so the service was free. Technicians came to our house, we explained the problem, and they knew what the problem was immediately.

Apparently it is a known issue – one of the sensors was triggered because of power surges. So all the technician did was reset the thing and that solved it. The aircon was putting out cold air again and the room was getting colder.

Carrier Inverter Aircon 1.0 HP Window Type Styro Model Number

Yes, that’s styro. I don’t know what to think of this. Is this normal? Is this better? Our other aircons seem to have metal and plastic parts, no styro that I could see.

Carrier Inverter Aircon 1.0 HP Window Type Sensors

I didn’t really see what he was pointing at… but he was pointing at the thing that needs to be reset.

Of course, I asked him why this happened and how we can avoid such a thing in the future. Yeah, because if this happens again and we’re out of the warranty period, we’ll have to pay for the technician to come and reset the thing. Sayang naman kung ganun lang. According to the service form, he performed a “reset coil sensor” something something (couldn’t read the rest).

Also, we have 2 Hitachi inverter aircons in other bedrooms and we’ve never had a problem with them like this. J also has the same Hitachi inverter aircon. So 3 Hitachi inverter aircons bought 1-2 years ago and I’ve never heard of them having any problem as what this Carrier inverter aircon had.

Wala namang masabi si kuya except he told us to just unplug the aircon whenever it’s not in use nalang. Hahaha. So we’ll have to plug the aircon every night before turning it on, and then unplug it every morning after use. That’s the solution. LMAO. Hassle.

Well, at least the service was free this time, so I wasn’t pissed off that bad. Imagine if that was the problem and then I had to pay for them to fix what was essentially a product design flaw. We also have one free aircon cleaning pala, part of the package, that we should avail of before our warranty ends.

Also, the filter for this Carrier model was not as easy to remove and put back as other aircons.

HITACHI 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon

When we bought our first Hitachi aircon a few years ago, it was the cheapest and probably the only one available window type inverter aircon in the market (compact version). I really did not have high expectations. But my sister’s friend E recommended it because she had one. So we tried first with one aircon. It worked really well, even at 25-26 Celsius it was cool. This aircon runs almost 24/7 and the only problem is we have to have it cleaned more often because it gets dirty faster.

Hitachi Inverter Aircon Window Type

J’s old aircon broke so I recommended the Hitachi to him, too. Then a few months ago we bought another Hitachi again. So far so good, we haven’t had any problems. These aircons can  get very cold! (a good thing)

We haven’t had any problems with these Hitachi aircons, and they are even used more than the Carrier one. No electrical surge issues. So many power interruptions have happened since we got them, no problem. We just clean the filters when we feel that they are dirty (every 1-2 weeks ideally but mostly just when we remember to) and then when we feel that the aircon is not getting as cold as it used to, we get it cleaned (every few months).


Both these aircons work well at cooling, they both have remotes. The Hitachi remote works better if pointed at the aircon (we have the remotes velcro stuck to the wall near the door so they don’t get lost). I wish they had the remote wall mount thing that our old LG aircons had, so we didn’t have to ghetto-fix these remotes with velcro tape. All of these newer aircons don’t have the wall mount. Update: the Carrier has a remote control holder. See update below.

However, the Hitachi Window Type Inverter Aircon will be the one we will be getting for the next bedroom to be upgraded to an inverter aircon because I feel like it is better designed for the Philippine setting. The Carrier, a Filipino brand, a US-based brand locally manufactured by Concepcion Industries, which I expected to be more suited to our electrical surges, fails at that, as discussed above. If we ever encounter this problem again we would most likely be already out of warranty and have to pay for the service. The plug / unplug thing that we need to do every time we use it is such a hassle! Either that or we have to install some surge protector thing for it pa. Sigh. Also, the Hitachi aircon is easier to clean (filter).

Even with all 3 inverter aircons in use, our Meralco bill was even 1/3 lower than our previous Meralco bills! The change to using an inverter aircon really did reduce the electricity consumption BY A LOT. Of course, the initial amount spent to buy the inverter aircons will take several years before it’s recouped. Next projects: inverter refrigerators!

UPDATE: March 12, 2018

I was contacted by Carrier customer service when they heard about this problem. They were very helpful even though I told them that the aircon was already working fine. They insisted on checking the unit and even fixed the installation. The original guy we got to install the Carrier did a poor job, and while that did not really affect the aircon itself, there were small gaps between the aircon and the aircon “hole”. Our usual aircon guy was not available to install the Carrier when we bought it so we settled for another installer guy, who was apparently a newbie.

The Carrier service person who inspected the unit helped us fix the gaps. He really went above and beyond what I expected. He even checked the wiring and changed the aircon outlet to rule out any problems.

As for the remote control holder, it turns out that the Carrier does come with a remote control holder, and a drain pan. The original installer did not install them and we don’t know where he put it or if he took them. This was during a very messy, harassed time for our family last year when  our dad underwent major surgery, so we really didn’t have the time or manpower to make “tutok” the installation. Carrier provided us with a remote control holder, drain pan, and even installed it for us.

I am very happy with the customer service that we received from Carrier for this issue. Like I said, they went the extra mile. While other companies might take my concern negatively and just ignore me, Carrier took it constructively and totally changed my view of them. They didn’t have to do any of this, but they did. The Carrier guy who I talked to said that they take customer service seriously and take care of their reputation for good service.

After this experience with Carrier customer service, I’m actually feeling confident about their aircon now. FYI, the technician who first checked our Carrier aircon was from an authorized service center. The guy I am dealing with now who did everything I told you about is from Carrier mismo, and he is very knowledgeable tech-wise, and had tools and engineering gadget things. I felt like he knew what he was doing talaga, and he was able to explain things to me clearly.

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10 thoughts on “Updated: Hitachi vs. Carrier Window Type Inverter Aircon Experience / Review

      1. Therese

        I hate Carrier so much I’m actually making an effort to leave a reply. Like you, my husband and I thought Carrier was the best aircon brand so we spent more to use only Carrier aircons. The aircon in the bedroom was a complete lemon, and their service is really terrible. Your kuya experience is so familiar. We had so many problems and raised such a stink that my Facebook post made it to a management meeting. But despite that, they still couldn’t fix the aircon. They replaced it with a new (or refurbished?) aircon since it was still under warranty, but even that broke down. At some point, we just decided to call it a loss and buy a Panasonic, which has been running nicely with no problems. Our other Carrier aircon also broke down during a power surge. I was referred to a big distributor who was a friend of a friend, and he admitted that the problem is that all their electronics now come from China, so hindi na talaga matibay. Oh and my parent’s Carrier aircon also broke down during a power surge. So let’s all do ourselves a favor and simply avoid Carrier (which is indeed made by Concepcion industries). Thank you for giving me this space to vent!

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Therese, thank you for sharing your experience. I was sort of suspecting that myself (made in China electronics). Our old old old aircons when we were kids were all Carrier and they were really sturdy. Kalawang na and everything and yet they still worked.

          Apparently, my blog post reached Carrier Philippines and they contacted me today to see what’s really the problem with our aircon. They said the technician’s explanation didn’t make sense daw so they want to find out what the problem really is. They’ll inspect the unit tomorrow and I’ll update the blog. 🙂

          1. Marmar

            Any updates on this? I’m on the market for an aircon for a studio condo (hence I ended up on your blog). Price has always been my benchmark but if performance record is this bad then this is very alarming.

  1. Barat Queen Post author


    Carrier contacted me last week, and they have been really nice about trying to get to the bottom of the problem. So far, quite happy with the customer service that I got after the problem was escalated up.

    One of their technical managers visited our home to check on the unit, and while there wasn’t any problem with the unit right now and their findings were all within normal range, they insisted on replacing our unit with a brand new one, and they will take care of the installation and everything. I totally did not expect that. I wasn’t expecting anything from them at all because so far, the aircon is working fine now.

    They want our unit back with them so they can study what went wrong with it in the first place, and for that, I commend them for the initiative. So far, how they responded to my complaint (which wasn’t really a complaint in the first place, just an observation and a worry) was above and beyond what I expected. They also regularly updated me, etc…

    Still waiting for the actual replacement which will be happening within the week, but for now I’m very happy with their service.


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