How to Use helloPay to Shop at Lazada

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Shopping at Lazada has become one of the modern conveniences that I have come to appreciate. So far, I have had good experiences shopping at Lazada – I receive the items I order quickly, and everything is tracked in my account so even if I don’t keep my own records, I can always check my account in Lazada to see all the items I have ordered and their status (delivered, cancelled, etc…).

Also, a lot of times, the prices at Lazada beat out the prices of brick and mortar stores by a few hundred pesos, too!

Lazada accepts payment by credit/ debit card (prepaid) and Cash on Delivery. But recently, they have added another payment option – helloPay.


helloPay is an electronic wallet that you can use to pay for your purchases online. It is currently available in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Signing up for an account is free.

But a good reason for using helloPay is (aside from the convenience), is that they usually have various cashback promos running! For example, two weeks ago, they had a promotion where users can get a 10% cashback on their purchases.

There was a promo running from March 9-13, 2016, where you can get P400 cashback when you use helloPay with a minimum purchase of P2,000 from the Lazada Mobile App. The amount will be credited back to you on your helloPay account.

You can “top up” (add funds) to your helloPay account from BDO, BPI, Metrobank, ChinaBank, Security Bank, RCBC, UCPB, PNB, Maybank, Landbank, SM Bills Payment, Bayad Centers and at 7-Eleven.

But even if you don’t want to maintain funds in your helloPay wallet, that’s okay. You can still order from Lazada, choose Hello Pay as your payment option, and then pay for your purchase at any 7-Eleven! This is great if you don’t have a credit/debit card and don’t want to do a Cash on Delivery payment because there might be no one at home to receive your order, or you don’t trust other people with your cash.

This is also a good option for people who want to order items from Lazada that ship from abroad. Ordering items that ship from abroad requires prepayment. The seller (from abroad) will not ship the item unless the seller is paid in advance.

A word on ordering items from Lazada that ship from abroad: THE PRICE LISTED IN LAZADA IS THE ACTUAL PRICE, THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. The item gets delivered to you without additional fees. Seeing that an item “ships from abroad” usually makes me disregard it, because I have this paranoia about being charged customs duties, having experienced being charged extortionate fees when I ordered something from the US years ago. Anyway, I was assured that ordering items that ship from abroad in Lazada will not incur any additional charges – the actual listed price of the items (and any standard shipping fee, if applicable), is the only thing you will pay for.


So, J was eyeing these Mouse Feet for Logitech G400 / MX518 / G400s and USB Triple Action Foot Switch Keyboard Control Foot Pedal at Lazada. Since they all shipped from abroad, it was a good opportunity for us to try paying using helloPay.

Lazada Hello Pay Ordering Pedal Resized

I had already created a free account at helloPay. It was pretty easy, however, they have a verification process. They verify your email address and your mobile phone number by sending verification codes there. So it’s best when you sign up that you have your phone with you, and have access to your email.

I picked the items and added them to my shopping cart on my desktop – it is just easier for me to shop on the desktop because having an actual keyboard is a very big convenience when searching for things online.

Lazada Hello Pay Ordering Cart Resized

Then I switched to my iPad’s Lazada app so I could take advantage of the promo (see P400 cashback promo above).

After verifying my shipping details, next was the payment screen where I could choose the payment options.

I chose helloPay:

Lazada App Choosing Hello Pay

I was given a chance to review my order and apply any voucher. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any voucher that I could use since the vouchers are mostly for new users only.

Lazada App Checkout

After placing my order, I was asked to log in to helloPay:

Lazada App Login to Hello Pay

After logging in to Hello Pay:

Lazada App Hello Pay Payment Method

I chose to pay via 7-Eleven:

Lazada App Hello Pay 7 11

Clicked on “Pay Now”:

Lazada App Pay Now

Processing payment:

Lazada App Hello Pay Processing Payment

After the payment was processed, I was redirected to the screen showing the 7-Connect reference number. I also received emails and text reminders with the amount and reference number, so you don’t need to worry about printing out the reference number.

Lazada App Hello Pay Finished

The thing is, I had to make the payment at 7-Eleven the next day. Originally, I was given until March 11, 1:57 AM to make the payment, but the text and email reminders only gave me until March 9, 5:57 PM. I made the purchase on March 9, 1:57 AM. So actually, I only had 16 hours to pay.  <— THIS IS A BUG THAT IS BEING FIXED. The correct information is that one has 48 hours (2 days) to pay at 7-Eleven. If you miss the deadline, you have to start the process again.

I was actually worried because I wasn’t able to go to 7-Eleven until after 6pm. Fortunately, the transaction still pushed through, and I immediately received a confirmation text from helloPay.

Lazada Hello Pay Receipt 7 Eleven

Lazada Hello Pay Text Messages

Paying at 7-Eleven was actually easy – at first they didn’t seem that familiar with Hello Pay and directed me to a 7-Connect terminal, and then when I showed them the email with the reference number, they suddenly knew what to do. The cashier just typed in the reference number into the register and did their thing, I paid my P2,448.04, and less than a minute later, I had my receipt, and it was finished! 🙂

UPDATE March 23, 2016the cashback is true! I got my first cash back amount of P400 credited to my helloPay account.

HelloPay Cashback


Using Hello Pay to pay for purchases from Lazada is a good alternative if you don’t want to pay by credit card or leave cash at home for COD. I know not everyone is comfortable using their credit card online.

Using 7-Elevens as payment hubs makes it quite convenient for just about everybody, since 7-Elevens are so ubiquitous. On top of that, I also like that helloPay runs cashback promos so we shoppers also get a little something back from all the shopping we do!

However, what I am particularly happy with is that I can now order items shipped from abroad through Lazada (they are usually priced more competitively, and often very hard to find locally) without worrying about avaricious fees, AND also without the risk of using my credit card online.

All the while, I am shopping confidently knowing that the things I buy are covered under Lazada’s 100% Buyer Satisfaction policy.

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The Barat Queen

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75 thoughts on “How to Use helloPay to Shop at Lazada

      1. tine

        goodevening,I 0rdered in lazada last friday night and I choose hello pay as terms of payment but honestly I didnt know what im doing,it’s my first time to order online shopping esp.lazada.
        after I choose hello pay I receive notification to pay in 7-11 ,saturday morning I pay the amount of 498.00 in 7-11,after paying ofcourse I have the receipt frim 7-11,my question is the next step I suppose to do because I thought after paying im waiting already for the delivery of my order.sorry because its my first time.

  1. zid

    I go to a 7 eleven store here in naga city, but they don’t know about this hellopay. is it only available on selected 7 eleven branch?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi zid, as far as I know, it is available in ALL 7-Eleven branches. But since it is a new thing, a lot of the 7-Eleven staff are not yet familiar with it.

      For the 2 times that I used helloPay recently, I was even the one who told the cashier that they should just punch the transaction number on the cash register and choose 7-Connect. At first, they told me that helloPay is not available. But it is available, they just don’t know about it yet. But the supervisors know about it. Insist that the cashier ask their supervisor about it.

  2. Den Mark

    do they update you about the payment made if it was successful via email? i did not register an account with helloPay but was able to print the 7-connect ref no. and was able to make the payment, but i don’t have a phone with me as of the moment.

  3. Chris

    Hi I ordered from Lazada that requires HelloPay, I did go through all the steps, except for I didn’t sign up for an account, when I got the reference number. If I paid the item on 7/11, will I still be able to receive the item I ordered from Lazada?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes 🙂 You should have the confirmation texts and emails. When you check your Lazada account and order tracking, you should see the status of your orders 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Dylan, for the items that are shipped from within the Philippines, it’s quick, just 2-3 days. For the items that ship from abroad – usually 2-3 weeks. If you order from different sellers, the orders usually don’t arrive at the same time. Some items arrive faster than others. But generally, around 2-3 weeks.

      In case an order gets cancelled because it’s out of stock pala (happened to me), the money gets refunded to your helloPay account very fast – within a few hours lang ata.

      1. Dylan

        Ohh great to hear that! I placed my order on the 30th, today I got a confirmation from Lazada about my order that it’s already in the Philippines. Two items, on the same day. Thanks for the huge help and information 🙂

  4. Jonathan

    Is it allowed to use Hellopay for transactions at Lazada if I intend to pay at partial amounts or installments (at time intervals) until the purchase is paid in full amount (after a given time period)?

  5. Takasu

    Is it ok that you dont have the receipt from 7/11 when receiving the item you ordered. Im planning to ask my friend to pay for me in 7/11. Because there’s no near 7/11 store here in my place.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Takasu, you don’t need the 7/11 receipt. You will still get your order. My experience is that the delivery guy texts me in the morning to tell me that they will be making a delivery. If I will be going out, I just text back that I might not be around to receive the package and tell him that someone else will receive it for me. He will tell me to leave my valid ID with the person who will receive the package and other instructions.

      There’s no need to show the 7/11 receipt.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi grace, your item will still be delivered to your shipping address.

      Sa 7-Eleven ka lang nagbayad, parang bayad center lang ang 7-11 🙂 Wala siyang kinalaman sa delivery.

  6. Christian1222

    Hey i just finished topping up on my hellopay account, i paid it via 7-eleven. But the thing is its still showing that its still pending even though i already paid it. Is there a delay or something?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Christian1222, did you get a text from helloPay confirming the top up? That means it’s okay na. Sometimes the “Pending” status is just because the merchant whom you are buying from has not yet “accepted” the sale. Maybe they are still closed (if located outside the Phils) or on holiday, maybe they only check their online transactions 1-2x a day, or at the end of the business day nalang. Don’t worry about it.

      If the merchant rejects your transaction, helloPay credits the money back to your helloPay account quickly, in my case within the day. This happened to me, the merchant made a mistake and did not update their Lazada inventory, yun pala ubos na yung item. Binalik agad yung pera. This is easier and faster than credit card reversal processes.

  7. camille

    Pano po kung gagawa ako ng account tapos di ko agad malalagyan ng fund then magpurchase po ako sa Lazada. Pwede pa din po ba ako magbayad sa 7-eleven? or kailangan po may laman kahit magkano yung hellopay? Thank you po.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi camille, that’s fine 🙂

      Pano po kung gagawa ako ng account tapos di ko agad malalagyan ng fund then magpurchase po ako sa Lazada. Pwede pa din po ba ako magbayad sa 7-eleven?

      Yes, pag walang fund yung helloPay account, tapos bumili ka sa Lazada, just go to 7-11 to pay para ma-complete yung transaction 🙂

      Ako din, I usually keep my helloPay balance around zero pesos (butal butal lang). This is because I don’t have advance plans to purchase things on Lazada. Whenever I find something I like and buy it, I just go to 7-11 to pay to finish the transaction. You are not required to have any balance on your helloPay.

      But you may also keep some money in your helloPay account, lagyan mo na ng laman – this way, next time when you purchase from Lazada, you can finish paying online immediately and skip the step of going to 7-11 pa. Less hassle.

      1. fed

        i dont know anything about this hellopay thing ,. sorry. gusto ko lang po magtanong kung maka-cancel po ba yung product na inorder ko if hindi ko po binayaran yung order ko sa 7-11 within the time period. slamat po.

  8. Arjay

    Hello po. Please help me. Gusto ko po sanang irefund yung pera ko from Lazada. I used Hellopay to pay my items so nagpunta akong 7-11 para bayaran nga yung nasabing item. Then after many weeks,nagemail sakin ang Lazada na unavailable yung order ko. Gusto ko sanang itanong kung papaano ko marerefund yung pera kong binayad?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Arjay,

      Check your helloPay account if the money has been credited back. You can use the balance in your helloPay to buy other items from Lazada. However, I don’t think there is a way to cash out the money right now.

      You can also email [email protected] 🙂

  9. Little Boy

    Hello Po! So ibigsabihin po mas maganda kung gumawa ng account sa HelloPay incase na mangyari yung Unavailable daw yung item na nangyari sa taas ko? ayy grabee pala ahh. Kung umorder ako tapos walang account-account diretso agad sa 7/11 para magbayad bago naging unavailable yung inorder ko, edi hindi babalik yung pera ko..?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      I think mababalik naman yung pera, pero feeling ko lang mas matagal yung process. It’s just easier to have a hellopay account. Free naman yung account 🙂

    1. Don

      Hi Jatz, pag credit cad lang yung installment e pero syempre ppinaka-okay yung cash na kasi walang added costs. Try mo i-multiply yung monthly installment to 24 months and you’ll see the difference. Yung sa 7-11 through helloPay, in full yung payment. Pero pwede mo i-load yung helloPay account mo every time you have extra tapos yun na lang gamitin mo pag may nagustuhan ka na bilhin 🙂

  10. Mea Xiel

    Good afternoon po, ilang araw po bago nio nareceive ung order nio after you paid in 7 eleven? I am a bit skeptical po kasi sa dami ng negative na nababasa ko online. And do you have to do anything after you receive the receipt? I mean do you still have to update your account or tell lazada about it? Thanks a lot!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Mea,

      No, you don’t have to update Lazada or anything after you make the payment at 7-11. As long as you receive the text and email confirmations that they have received the payment, dapat automatic na your order will be processed 🙂

      As for how many days after ko na receive yung items, for items that are in the Philippines, within 1 week usually. Sometimes on the 2nd day palang dumadating na. If I order items that are shipped from abroad (esp yung mga galing Hong Kong pa), umabot ng 3-4 weeks.

      1. John Renhel A. Buena

        Hi. Ask ko lang,. para din ba itong credit card?
        gusto kong magpurchase ng electronic device cost 20000 pesos but I dont have enough budget to purchase, pero willing naman maghulog monthly.
        iba ba yun sa concept ng credit card?

  11. Annie

    I am sharing my experience with Hellopay.I have registered to Hellopay. The first top-up I made was successful but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th top up was so disappointing. I always deposit at BDO over the counter cash deposit to top-up. On my 2nd top up, I follow up with Hellopay why it was not reflected yet in my account. They said I have to wait for 24 hours for posting. I did follow up at once because in my first top up, it didn’t take 24 hours when my top up was posted. And so I did wait for 24 hours when it was finally posted. On my 3rd top up, I deposited again at BDO on June 17 and then again on June 20, but up to this writing, June 22, it were not posted yet in my account. I followed up again with Hellopay and they said they need to check. All along I thought it will automatically be credited to my account. I am complaining already and Hellopay even told me that perhaps I deposited by ATM which means it will take sometime before it can be processed. I intentionally did not email the proof of my deposit at first because I want Hellopay to do their work. But so disappointed I was, I decided to email the deposit slips to prove my statement that I NEVER deposit by ATM and I ALWAYS deposit using over the counter cash deposit. And so I ask Hellopay – Do I have to email the deposit slip each time I make the deposit? And yet even with the email deposit slip, they say they still have to verify it. I register with Hellopay because I am always out of the house and I don’t want to leave cash, and also because I am expecting that it will not be a hassle. Just deposit with the bank and it will automatically credited to my account. Now, if I have to email every top up I made, It is so much a hassle.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Annie, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m not familiar with topping up through the banks. I just always use 7-11 because of the promos, and I think the 7-11 process is faster kasi I receive a text and email agad right after putting money into my hellopay.

  12. Carina


    i paid through hellopay… bakit wala ako transaction number nakuha from lazada after paying sa 7-11. Im new to this online shopping. Thank you.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Carina,

      Did you get any update from Lazada or helloPay already? If not, please call up Lazada’s customer service about your concern. Hope it gets fixed quickly 🙂

  13. Ailly

    Hi,Is it possible to refund in hellopay without a account! I order from lazada and its already month ago I paid my payment using Hellopay 7/11 last June 7 2016 but until now i didnt receive my order yet Last day I receive message from lazada saying that my item refund is initiated. What do i have to do next?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Ailly, just call or email Lazada customer service to help you. Also, are you sure you don’t have a helloPay account? When I choose to pay using helloPay, I am required to log in to my helloPay account. I assume it is required before you can continue the process.

      Also, creating a helloPay account is free. For me, refunds were easy, the refunded amount was credited to my helloPay account within 24 hours, and I could use the amount to buy something else or just keep it there for next time.

      If you did use a helloPay account, just log in to it at and check if the money is there.

  14. Javu

    hi, have you already tried to use a DebitCard in Lazada?
    How does it work, btw?
    I haven’t tried it yet and afraid I might have to pay everything first (since I want to order an item which can be thru installment basis) before I get the product be shipped to me.

    I would like to get feedbacks first before trying out about the installment basis tho.

    Thank you.

    1. Don

      Hi Javu, I’ve tried using a debit card countless times and it’s super easy. You can always chose the Cash on Delivery option since it’s applicable to majority of the items in Lazada. helloPay and debit/credit cards are extremely helpful if the product you’re buying is not available on C.O.D.

      Lastly, before deciding to go through installment basis, I suggest you try to multiply the monthly payment by the number of monthly payments first. You’ll notice a huge difference sometimes making it more sulit to just pay for the item one time.

  15. Rafael

    Hi, pwede ba ko mag top up ng mag top up dito kasi pang bibilin ko price nya is nasa 5000 pesos. at di ko sya maafford agad, pwede ba ko mag lagay sa account ko ng pa lima-limang daan lang muna hanggang umabot na sa 5000? secured ba wala bang expire expire yon. baka mamaya pag lagay ko ng pera sasabhin maeexpire yung pera ko pag di ko pa binile. ganun ba yun?

    1. Don

      Hi Rafael, the load doesn’t expire and yes you can load your account every time you have extra. Here’s a link on how you can top up your wallet: They also have different accounts but the basic one allows you to load up to P5,000. The premium one allows you to to purchase up to P35,000. This premium account is also FREE; just submit additional documents for verification. Here:

  16. Brix Nabora

    Hello po GOOD DAY 🙂 ganto po ba mangyayare kapag nag transact ka sa 7 eleven?

    you’ll pay to 7 eleven with hello pay then you’ll get reci,
    then all you need to do is to wait for your item to come
    to the address that you give?

    or you just gonna receive it in 7 eleven too?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Brix, payment lang sa 7-11, as if you are paying at the bank. Your item will still be delivered to your address. Same process as usual sa lazada.

    2. Don

      Hi Brix, you’ll receive the product through the address you indicated when you ordered from Lazada. Make sure that you take note of your order number so that you can always check the current status of your package.

  17. Brix Nabora

    Heto pa po hehe 🙂

    Ano po ba sasabihin ko kapag Mag babayad sa 7 eleven?

    tas ano po sasabihin ko pag di nila alam yung hello pay? 🙂 thanks in advance

    pwede ko rin po bang bigyan ng some tip yung mag dedeliver nung item? 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Many times, di nga talaga familiar yung mga taga 7-11 na meron na pala silang hellopay. You have to ask their manager or sypervisor. Sabihin mo yung magbabayad sa lazada tapos pakita mo yung text from hellopay with the number and instructions to pay at 7-11

        1. Don

          Actually you can always go for Cash on Delivery naman for most items. Yung helloPay is very helpful for buying items na bawal i-COD like yung mga ini-import pa from other countries 🙂 Have fun shopping!

  18. charlotte

    hi po…
    i wanna ask for help…
    kasi im eyeing an ipad stylus in lazada which costs 4k+ which is shipped from abroad.
    out of curiosity i placed an order using hello pay twice…i don’t have a hellopay account yet….
    is there still a chance i might cancel the orders?
    or if i dont pay that in 7eleven, would the orders be cancelled automatically?

    i would really appreciate your help.

  19. Gracey

    hi, pwede ko po ba gamitin ang hello pay for installments in lazada? I dont have any credit card and I want to buy something through installment lang..

    thank you

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Gracey, they don’t have installment but read the comments above. You can do a lay away type where you “deposit” money into your hellopay account until you have the full amount

  20. Karaaustin

    Hi… nagbayad ako thru hellopay , nilagyan ko ng laman thru bayad center.. hehehe saka ako omorder ng item sa lazada… yung 711 kase sa tapat namen walang ka ididea sa hellopay jusko! Wula daw sila nun.. wow! Nagconfirm nman nagkaroon nman ako ng confirmatio na sucessful yung item from abroad.. ang problem is gusto ko matrack yung item kung asan na siya… aun sa lazada yung tracking number wulang laman wow! What to do.. 🙂

          1. Karaaustin

            Uhm… click mo lang yung hello pay tapos review order.. aun na siya hinde mo na kelan mamili ng thru saan babayaran since may laman na siya..

  21. Jayson

    hi paanu mo magagamit yung credit mo sa hello pay? for example may credit ako na 5000.. sa checkout anu pipiliin ko dun? pwedeng epay or 7-11 pero wala na ba ako babayaran if ang bibilhin ko lang is 3000 pesos for example kasi may credit nga ako na 5000


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