Let’s Face It – Basic Facial Cleaning Review

Lets Face It SM Sta Mesa ReviewI have been going to Let’s Face It on and off since the early 2000’s. Sometimes I go every month, and other times I can go almost a year without visiting Let’s Face It – it depends, for example, if I am having a bad case of pimples.

I recently finished another visit (actually 3 visits) and would like to give my review for the SM Sta. Mesa branch.

Let’s Face It is an all-around spa chain (I wouldn’t actually call it a spa) – they have commercialized derma/facial services, hair removal services, body treatments, mani-pedi type treatments, etc.. The place is newly renovated and looks professional and calming. But please don’t expect a luxurious, spa-like experience – this is not the place for that.

Why Choose Let’s Face It?

Let’s face it – we patronize Let’s Face It because it’s inexpensive. The basic facial cleaning service is P245.00, and includes 2 free check-ups. 2 FREE CHECK-UPS. That means you can go back 2 more times and they will remove any additional whiteheads and pimples that developed on your face since your previous visit!

If you are experiencing a case of the breakouts, you will like the 2 free check-ups! There are other, more professional-looking derma chains whose basic facials cost around P300-500, but don’t have the 2 free check-ups.

Below is a general recap of my recent visits to Let’s Face It in the last few years:


After I go in, they ask me to wash my face (there are sinks and cleansers provided for that). The attendant puts a bib and a hair cap on me and gives me a small towel.

After washing my face, the attendant calls me over and asks me to lie down on one of the rows and rows of “beds”. The beds are side by side, right next to each other. There is no space in between the beds. I am used to this, but some of you might think that it looks like a facial factory – yes it does.

The attendant then starts massaging my face with a cream, then covers my eyes with cotton pads, and then turns on the steamer to steam my face. If there is a colleague nearby, or if a colleague happens to walk by — the attendants will start talking to each other and make tsismis. THEN THE ATTENDANT LEAVES. I don’t expect her to just stand there the whole time until the steaming is done, but at least start a timer or something, you know? Or tell me she will be back in 5-10 minutes. Not just disappear.

***The attendant goes on break with her colleagues or something, I assume, since I have no idea where she is.***

This is where it always starts to go downhill – like I said, I have been a customer of Let’s Face It for years, so I know the steaming shouldn’t take this long – it’s usually just around 10 minutes, from my previous experiences, but my attendant has ignored me for 20-25 minutes. She didn’t even ask me if the heat from the steam was okay or if the steam was being blown to my face correctly (they usually ask this in my old, previous visits).

I lift the cotton pads from my eyes and try to look for my attendant — almost all the attendants have disappeared. Sigh. Or my attendant is working on someone else (naglalagare). But lately, my attendants have disappeared, gone on break, or gone to their staff room to continue tsismis. Why do I assume this? Because they all come back out from their staff room at the same time!

After coming back after an eternity away, the attendant turns off the steamer and starts vacuuming my face. They have a small vacuum machine that they use. After vacuuming, she wipes any remaining stuff off and lowers the bed to start pricking.

The attendant starts pricking — this is a hit or miss – sometimes when I am lucky, I get someone who is light-handed (magaan ang kamay), and when I’m unlucky, I get someone who is heavy-handed (mabigat ang kamay). Lately, it’s been 70% mabigat ang kamay 

At least this time, the attendant is concentrating on the task at hand and usually doesn’t participate in their office tsismis. Usually. Sometimes they do. The conversation usually goes like this:

“Oy, sasama ka ba punta sa (someone’s party, gimmick or something)?”

“Ay, hindi. Matagal pa kasi sweldo, wala akong pera eh.”

“Sige na, punta ka na. Pupunta din si XYZ!”

“Talaga? Naku, pautang muna, mader!”

During pricking, the attendant always tries to upsell me to get a mask. I always say I’m sorry but I’m in a hurry. To be honest, I find the masks an unnecessary expense and I didn’t feel like being ignored again for 45 minutes. I also have a stack of masks at home (pasalubong from friends and relatives who vacationed in Korea) and I’d rather do my masks at home where I can watch TV while the mask is doing its thing.

The Pain

Getting a good attendant is a hit or miss thing at Let’s Face It. Getting pricking done on your face is painful – so painful that grown men cry. But if you get someone na mabigat ang kamay, it’s even more painful! It’s like being flayed alive! Do they really need to use that much force to scrape the whiteheads from a person’s skin?

I used to joke that I can withstand torture because I have already been trained at Let’s Face It  and that the government should hire Let’s Face It attendants to torture and interrogate criminals 

Which leaves me to wonder, after all these years, has no one given any feedback at all about some of their attendants who really have sobrang bigat ng kamay? Why aren’t they screening them out?

I am giving them a lot of leeway because their services are really the least expensive available, but the successively poor experiences I have had with them lately really makes me feel bad about them. Also, don’t they tell their attendants that it’s unprofessional to make tsismis while at work, especially with customers around?

After pricking, the attendant shows me how many whiteheads were removed. She gets a wet, hot towel and wipes my face. She then puts a thin cheesecloth on my face and starts the laser treatment. There’s a slight burning smell from the laser treatment, but what really worries me is the haphazard way the attendant moves the laser wand around. I am afraid she might accidentally put it over my eye or something (I’m guessing that’s bad). Para kasing walang pakialam sa ginagawa niya.

After that, she puts 2 kinds of cream on my face – I was told that one is Prick Cream and the other is sunscreen (not sure). And it’s finished. She reminds me that I can’t wash my face until the following day.


The check-ups are basically the same, except that the attendant goes directly to pricking after the face massage. There’s no more steaming, no more vacuum and no more laser.

For the check-ups, just bring your Let’s Face It index card (they will give you one on your first visit), show it to the receptionist and that’s it. You don’t need to pay anything. You can tip later if you’re happy with the service.

Check-ups need to be done at least 3-4 days apart, and you can only avail of your 2 free check-ups within 10 days of the first visit (original facial session).

The attendant will again try to convince me to get a mask. I politely refuse. I honestly don’t want to spend extra on something like that – I really do not want to be stuck there for another hour doing nothing but lying down with my eyes closed, waiting for the mask to dry. If I could read, watch something, respond to emails, etc… while doing the mask, I might consider it. Besides, the poor service from the attendant was not making me feel in the mood to stay longer, either. She was upset and annoyed when I refused to get the mask and her actions showed her annoyance. She wasn’t really nagdadabog, but I could tell from her actions that if she could, she would have.


Getting good service at Let’s Face It – Sta. Mesa branch is a hit or miss, but lately it’s been a miss. Sometimes you’re lucky. Sometimes you’re not.

For the price, I wasn’t expecting 5-star service nor 5-star ambience, but at least some basic service expectations should be met  For example, after all these years, I would at least expect an improvement in terms of weeding out the mabigat ang kamay attendants and at least getting them to refrain from talking about their personal lives with each other within customers’ earshot, or ignoring their customers. We might be lying there with our eyes closed, but we’re not deaf and dumb.

It’s like the attendants are having the time of their lives and we customers are bothering them – we’re just another random face to scrape – I really felt like they didn’t care about their customers at all except to tell customers why they need this and that mask (kasi marami kang pimples kaya kailangan mo mag mask or kasi may mga open pores ka kaya kailangan mo ng mask).

I used to give tips to good attendants, but lately, I noticed that I haven’t been feeling like giving any tips at all. Why should I tip? I was in no way happy with their service. Parang galit sila sa trabaho nila eh.

Will I continue to go to Let’s Face It?

Maybe. It’s still the least expensive face cleaning/pimple-removal service available around here. I know what to expect when I go there now but really hope that they improve and become more consistent in providing good service.

It’s not all bad. In fact, what you get for P245.00 is really sulit – 3 prickings, steam, vacuum, laser. It’s the usually poor service that’s the problem.

But after writing this review and reading about other people encountering the same issues, I’m thinking maybe it’s time to look for some place new with better attendants who don’t scrape my skin like they’re scraping melons for melon juice!

If anyone is interested, here’s the price list for their services, and their LAST CALL is at 8:00 PM.

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The Barat Queen

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45 thoughts on “Let’s Face It – Basic Facial Cleaning Review

  1. Jessa

    I’ve only had one decent experience from Let’s Face It in Dasmarinas branch, and the rest were really annoying. My attendant also forgot about me during my steaming and left me there for a good 30-45mins – she didn’t even apologize after that! And yes, they’re all chismosa! The minute I lay down, the attendant would convince me on getting the most expensive mask because my skin needs it and that I have bad pores. But really, I barely have pimples. My skin is healthy, and I only do facials because I have a few white/black heads. I also refuse on getting expensive masks because I refuse to believe that my pores won’t close after the session – a thing they would always mention about benefits of mask. The moment I said no, the attendant got all grumpy on me and she pricked the fuck out of my face! I’ve had the worst experience on my last visit!!!! The next day after, my face was still swollen and I have red patched on my cheeks! I also have a lot of small bleeding around my eyes, which were also swollen!!! They have the worst people!!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Oh, Jessa, that’s awful! Hope your skin heals soon.

      Actually, after hearing about people having the same experiences as I did, I have been avoiding going to Let’s Face It for a while. Eskinol nalang with dissolved Dalacin C to dry out pimples. I really wish they’d screen their attendants. Yun lang naman. The rest of the service is okay for the price but some of their attendants are just really bad, with bad attitudes towards customers, too.

    2. jorm

      Me, sa SM Taytay mabigat ang kamay. Bagal kumilos yung may kukunin lang na mask ang tagal bumalik. Diamond peel with treatment kasi pinili ko kaya walang chismis kasi sa room kami. Tuwing nagpi- prick siya feeling ko tagos sa bungo ko hanggang ngayon ramdam ko nalamog ng ilong ko. Hindi na ako babalik doon

    3. sam

      yung pricking po ba sa kanila lahat ng pimples talaga then aalisin din yung white/black heads? sa derma clinic po kasi na pinupuntahan ko 300 per 10 pimples very pricey then sabi ng mga friends ko sa lets face it daw mas affordable so i should try it ba?

      1. Barat Queen Post author

        Yes, tinatanggal lahat sa Let’s Face It unless may infected pimple. Di nila gagalawin yung maga pa na pimple pero sasabihin naman sayo… 🙂 sulit naman sa Let’s Face It, yun lang, marami sa mga attendant mabibigat ang kamay :'(

  2. Michael

    Let’s Face at Alabang Town Center has given the worst service ever… I was denied a facial by the beautician because of a fresh shave. I was okay with that but asked her when is a reasonable time; she said it cannot be done for a week. What I don’t understand by this woman’s logic is how she determined a week when I am required to shave every couple of days for my job. When asking the receptionist to speak to a manager, she refused. This irritated me more as this is not the way customers should be treated.

    I left to Dermclinic, which was down the hall, and was told to wait for a couple of hours to see if the redness from the shave diminished. I received service after the wait and had no issues.

    In other words, I do not recommend Let’s Face It, the employees pretend they are doctors, they give terrible customer service, and they are unreasonable and unprofessional. This is not a way for establishment should be run for the Philippines and it’s guest. What a disappointment!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Michael! I have experienced being denied a facial, too. While slathering cream on my face, the attendant asked me if it stung, and I made the mistake of saying, yes, it stings a little. Next thing I knew, she was wiping the cream off and telling me she won’t continue with the facial. I said I don’t mind, please continue. But she flat out still refused. I don’t know why some of the attendants were so afraid and cautious. Maybe a previous customer complained or had a bad reaction to one of their creams?

  3. Lucy

    LOL your review is so true. Ganito rin sa Megamall. Hindi ko nga alam kung babalik pa ako kasi honestly speaking, hindi gumaling yung pimples ko sa pagpapacleaning lang… and take note, sa dermatologist na ako nagpaclean kasi wala na akong tiwala sa mga attendants pero wala pa rin. Gumaling lang ako nung nagstart na kong uminom ng acnetrex na pinrovide nila. Medyo may kamahalan pero dun na lang ako nahiyang. Yun nga lang napakaraming side effects lalo na yung pag dry ng skin, affected ang whole body

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Lucy! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂 Ako, I’m choosing better places to get my facial services, but they are pricier, so I’m going longer in between facials, and actually never felt the need for once since June.

      Because of my experience with Let’s Face It, I remembered my high school and college regimen of Eskinol with Dalacin C and how it worked in keeping my face pimple free, so I went back to doing it again. So far, no major breakouts since then. I don’t even do it every day because it can dry / strip my skin. I just clean my face with a cotton ball wet with Eskinol whenever I feel like my skin is dirty – for example, when I take the jeep or wear makeup. I’m always surprised at how much gunk is removed!

      Then I wash my face with water, then moisturize. If I leave the Eskinol on my skin, I notice my skin gets really oily, that’s why I wash it off with water.

      Unfortunately, Dalacin C cannot be bought without a prescription anymore. When I was in HS, over the counter lang siya, no need for prescription. Fortunately, I have a doctor relative who I ask to write the prescription for me. Anyway, I just open one capsule and pour the powder into the big 225ml bottle of Eskinol (light green, Pimple Fighting variant), then shake.

      1. EDUARD


  4. ella

    Had worst experienced also at Let’s Face it Sm North Edsa branch. Marami ako bkackheads yun lang skin problem ko paglabas ko ng Lets Face it para akongkakatapos lang magka chicken pox!

  5. inori

    HI. I’m 27 and for the first time in my life I’m thinking of getting a facial. I live in Taguig, near Market Market and I’m like you, barat din. 😀 I’ve been searching all over the net about facial salons and yes, Let’s Face It is the most affordable of all of these salons. But I’m very hesitant to make an appointment with them based on reviews about them. Baka kasi masira pa mukha ko. 🙁 Can you recommend a beauty salon for a first timer like me? Where did you get your first facial?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Almost any other professional derma clinic /chain is better! I have tried Nisce and had a good experience, but this was several years ago and the branch is out of the way for me at Robinson’s Otis, although they have a branch at Megamall. I recently had an intense diamond peel at Dermclinic which included a facial cleaning before the peel, and there was no pain at all and I look normal after the procedure! Such a big, big, big difference with Let’s Face It where my face always looks red and swollen from bee stings afterwards.


      The price for a basic facial cleaning from these places is around P400-500. I don’t think they offer check-up sessions though, one time lang talaga. Mas sulit talaga Let’s Face It because of the 2 free checkups, it’s like getting 3 facials, pero the attendants are scary! So now I’m not getting facials as often, maybe every 6 months nalang, but I’m going to better places to get them. Eskinol nalang pag may pimples 😀

      I had my first facial at Let’s Face It back when they were new. I went with my girl friends, it was everyone’s first time to get a facial 😀 I always thought it was painful, but after experiences with other derma clinics, I realize it is possible for facials to be not as painful pala. Or maybe I became immune to the pain already, hahaha!

    2. Anonymous

      You may try Nails.Glow kasi kapag Lets Face it ka pumunta paglabas mo ang tanda na ng mukha mo. They’re using needle and toothpick for pricking.😠

  6. chunla

    Hi. Kakafacial ko lang kaninang tanghali sa Let’s Face It here in Davao. Wala akong reklamo sa attitude ng attendants, they were all nice. The only thing I hate the most was my swollen and redish face after the treatment. I never expected na ganun ang makikita ko sa salamin, parang kinagat ng bubuyog just like what others said. Kasi kumpara dun sa dati kong pinupuntahan, di talaga namumula o namamaga ang mukha ko after the treatment. My face looks so good parati. First time ko sa Let’s Face It and I think last na rin na visit ko. Nagsisi ako na mas pinili ko kung saan ako makakamura not knowing na may kapalit pala yun after. Mas mabuti na yung medyo mahal pero sigurado naman tayo na safe ang skin natin.

    Thank you sa review mo, napalabas ko rin ang hinaing ko kasi up to this moment, my face is still swollen and red.


    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Exactly! If other places can do facial cleaning without making their clients’ faces all swollen afterwards, why can’t Let’s Face It? Mahirap ba? I think kulang talaga sa training or technique yung staff ng Let’s Face It.

      You’re lucky you got staff with good work attitudes 🙂

  7. Fhaie

    I’m coming 18 years old this 2016 of July and I would like to try the diamond peel for my blackheads and whiteheads at let’s face it, either Robinsons forum or sm Megamall. But after reading all of your reviews, I’m scared to try it now 😰. Should I go or not? Need some advise since it is my first time to try any derma thingy. Thank you 😊

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Fhaie, thank you for visiting the blog!

      I suggest going to a more professional derma place to have your diamond peel done. Especially since it is your first time, you won’t have any pain tolerance yet. I recently had a diamond peel done, this was with Dermclinic and had a good experience.

      Here’s the link to my Dermclinic Diamond Peel Review: http://www.baratako.com/dermclinic-intense-diamond-peel-review/

      Good luck! Remember, just spend a little bit more for a safer, better derma experience. If you go to a not so good place and something bad happens, you’ll just end up spending more money trying to fix it.

      Also, you can go longer in between derma visits if you maintain your skin well: make sure to completely remove all makeup before going to bed, use a real makeup remover and not just soap; NEVER go to bed with a dirty face and hair; drink lots of water; moisturize with a product that is hiyang to your skin; try to get proper amount of sleep.

      Even if you don’t wear makeup, you’ll be amazed at how much dirt is on your face, especially when you commute! As in talaga, when I do Eskinol on my face, I am always amazed at how much dirt comes off. Make sure all that dirt is removed because those are the ones that can contribute to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

    2. Barat Queen Post author

      I just had my first Laserfit session at Contours yesterday, and found out that they have a Diamond Peel for only P850! So far, I’m happy with the service at Contours Megamall (5th Floor, near the Parking C entrance).

  8. Kaye

    Oh my. I just had my facial cleaning done yesterday and my face is soooooooo… 😖😖 Thanks for this very informative review about them. First time ko sa kanila kahapon and super sakit talaga nung pagprick nila. Ano na kayang pwedeng gawin ko sa mukha ko ngayon? Maga and namumula. 😢😢

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Kaye, thanks for reading! The swelling should subside the next day. Don’t put on makeup or anything that can irritate your skin for the mean time. Let it heal first 🙂 You can use some soothing or calming facial creams if you have any of those, just test to see if they won’t irritate your skin first. Good luck!

  9. Rhodora Mallari

    Hi po.. thanks for the article..share ko lang,i just had my facial treatment this afternoon in Lets Face It, SM SL, recommended by a friend..i want to try their diamond peel to lighten my pimple marks..pero they recommended facial cleaning lang with anti ageing, and whitening with vit.C.. pag uwi ko sa house, mas dumami pa marks ko probably due to extractions of my white/blackheads.. 1600 ang cost lahat.,ang sakit dn ng pricking or extractions ng attendant..Hiyangan dn siguro, mas better pa ang Dermcare sa akin, 3x na ako ngpadiamond peel sa Dermcare, mabilis nagfade marks ko at bihira ako mgkapimple..anyway, thanks to all pa rn for posting and sharing your experiences in having facials..😊

  10. PainNoMore

    Hello. I had my facial today at Let’s face it (Ayala). This is my second time with them. The first one wasn’t that bad (though masakit talaga) but ndi naman maga mukha ko after. But my second visit got me scared. Super maga mukha ko and has red spots all over. So yeah, this will be my last visit at Let’s Face It. Any derma clinic you could recommend? And also can I apply serum on face after the facial? Naawa kasi ako sa mukha ko, bugbog na bugbog. Thanks

  11. Caramel

    Hi! good thing na nagsearch muna ako ng reviews about LFI, dumami na kasi ang pimples and blackheads ko and I don’t have any idea ano gagawin so I was thinking maybe I need a facial. I just want to have a clear face Haha .. any advices po ? I don’t know what products to use. thanks.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      For me, Eskinol + Dalacin C. Cheap & effective! 🙂

      Then I rinse off the Eskinol after. Pag iniiwan ko kasi sa face, my face becomes super oily in a few minutes. After rinsing off with water, I apply moisturizer. That’s it. Etude House Moistfull (orange) during the day.

      One of my friends gave me a small sample size container of IOPE BIO Night Mask Intensive Recharging. Sobrang ganda! Pero tinitipid ko kasi konti nalang. Hahaha.

  12. Marlon

    I’ve been going to let’s face it since they opened in sm soutmall their facials are quite hard and will leave you red but ive consulted derms over this and they have mentioned na pulido daw even the blackheads and white heads na under the skin tinatangal na kaya safe naman kesa shortchanged ka at mag break out ulit dahil hindi tinangal so for me id rather take the pain no pain no gain I guess masarap din mag mask after to lessen the swelling

  13. jes

    before kapag gusto ko mag relax at kelangang magpafacial I always think of let’s face it. ever commonwealth branch to be specific kasi malapit lang sa bahay. now, kahit malapit pa sya I don’t want to my treatments there anymore. First, andun ka para magrelax pero yung mga staff maiingay at ang lakas mag-chismisan. Second, yung babae sa front desk nila hindi ganun ka- accomodating. Di ko alam kung may mood swing lang or whatever pero your job has to do with talking to many people everyday. Third, mabibigat kamay nila. Laging namamaga yung mga parts na prinick and nangingitim. Kelangan pa nila ng training at seminar ng customer service.

  14. jes

    before kapag gusto ko mag relax at kelangang magpafacial I always think of let’s face it. ever commonwealth branch to be specific kasi malapit lang sa bahay. now, kahit malapit pa sya I don’t want to do my treatments there anymore. First, andun ka para magrelax pero yung mga staff maiingay at ang lakas mag-chismisan. Second, yung babae sa front desk nila hindi ganun ka- accomodating. Di ko alam kung may mood swing lang or whatever pero your job has to do with talking to many people everyday. Third, mabibigat kamay nila. Laging namamaga yung mga parts na prinick and nangingitim. Kelangan pa nila ng training at seminar ng customer service.

  15. Mylene

    I’ve been having my facial at LFI megamall for the past few years. I remember my first time of trying their basic facial service, the attendant was nice even after i declined her offer of mask. She had light hands too. The receptionist write the name of the attendant on the card. I lost the card and when i went there again, i had another attendant, and on my succeding visits, that’s when i experienced the mabigat ang kamay. Fortunamtely, i found my first card and saw the name of the first attendant, and i asked the receptionist if she was still there because i think i found the card after three years of my first visit. Ever since i will ask for her whenever i am able to visit their branch.

  16. Josie

    Ladies (also guys na din) sino naka try ng pimple package ng let’s face it? It’s cleanser, toner, sunblock gel& medicated cream (night cream) first time ko matry today..
    Anyway, I been to LFI market market tapos today sa sm Marikina oo masakit talaga sila mag tanggal ng chenes sa mukha natin. Lalo na ko laki ng pimples ko lately so nagpa facial cleaning ako + concentrated mask for my pimples + yung pimples package nga costs me 1855 pesos. With 2 check ups naman na yun so I think sulit na. Pero gusto ko na talaga matanggal pimples ko usually dumadating pag magkakaron nako. So anyone of you tried their pimple products?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Ako talaga ang effective sa akin Eskinol + Dalacin C every few days + proper moisturizing. I have a technique so it doesn’t dry out my face. For big pimples, I pour a lot of Eskinol + Dalacin C on a small piece of cotton then tape it over the pimple for a few minutes. The pimple dries up faster after absorbing the Eskinol.

      I think I should write a blog post about how I use Eskinol + Dalacin C… what do you guys think?

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Mainit ngayon, mag oopen talaga mga pores. An officemate of mine years ago told me she rubbed an ice cube on her face every morning. Nagbago talaga yung skin niya, but I’m not sure if it is due to the ice cube trick because she was also using Beauche at the time…

      1. Rhodora M.Mallari

        G’pm.. mam, ask lang po pano if ilan capsule ilalagay na Dalacin C sa eskinol?.. mapimples na naman ako huhu.. salamat sa reply po.. advamce happy easter..

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Ang ginagawa ko is 1 capsule lang for the biggest Eskinol bottle, yung 225 ml. Open the capsule and pour the powder inside into the Eskinol and shake.

  17. Rhodora M.Mallari

    ..thank you so much.. try ko yan later.. update ko kayo if umokey na.. may mga old pimple scars dn ako natitira..baka may mga tips dn kayo pano maalis aside sa diamond peel 😊.. bawal dw kc mag diamond peel if may mga pimples dw? .. sa dermcare nirerecommend seaweed facials for scars with pimples..thank u..

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      After mo mag Eskinol, rinse your face with water. That’s what I do. Then moisturize. If I don’t rinse off the Eskinol, after 10-30 minutes, my skin will become really, really oily! So after applying Eskinol, I wait for 5-10 minutes, then rinse my face with water, then apply a good moisturizer. Hope that helps!

      After using Eskinol for a few weeks, I notice that my pimple scars also start to fade… although I am not sure if it is the act of wiping the face with the cotton that is fading the scars or if it is the Eskinol that is fading the scars.


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