Metro Manila MALL HOURS for the Christmas / Holiday Season 2014

Metro Manila MALL HOURS for the Christmas  Holiday Season 2014

Here are the Metro Manila MALL HOURS for the Christmas / Holiday Season 2014!

Good news! According to the MMDA, all the Metro Manila malls have agreed to the following mall hours:



From Nov. 28, 2014 (Friday) until Jan. 3, 2015 (Saturday).

Here are the schedules for the holidays:

So far, I have the schedules of: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Forum (Edsa Pioneer), Robinsons Supermarket, SM Megamall, SM Manila, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM Southmall Food Street, SM San Lazaro, S&R (all branches), Bonifacio High Street.

I have also included the Holiday Schedule for the various SM Stores that have released the info: Aura, Makati, Megamall, North Edsa, Cubao, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Lanang.

I will be updating this when I get new information.

Robinsons Malls Christmas 2014 Mall Hours

MallsRegular Daysn(Nov. 28 - Jan. 3)Dec. 24Dec. 25Dec. 26-30Dec. 31Jan. 1Jan. 2-3
Robinsons Galleria11AM-11PM9AM-8PM10AM-11PM11AM-11PM9AM-8PM12NN-11PM11AM-11PM
Forum Robinsons11AM-11PM11AM-8PM10AM-11PM11AM-11PM11AM-8PM12NN-11PM11AM-11PM
Robinsons Supermarket (outside Forum Robinsons)9AM-11PM9AM-8PM10AM-11PM9AM-11PM9AM-8PM12NN-11PM9AM-11PM

SM Megamall Christmas 2014 Mall Hours

MallNov. 28-29Nov. 30 - Dec. 4Dec. 5-6Dec. 7-11Dec. 12-23Dec. 24Dec. 25-30Dec. 31Jan. 1Jan. 2-3
SM Megamall11AM-12MN11AM-11PM11AM-12MN11AM-11PM11AM-12MN9AM-7PM11AM-11PM9AM-7PM12NN-11PM11AM-11PM

Other SM Malls Christmas 2014 Mall Hours

MallNov. 28 - Dec. 11Dec. 12-13Dec. 14-18Dec. 19-20Dec. 21-23Dec. 24Dec. 25-30Dec. 31Jan. 1
SM Manila10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM9AM-7PM10AM-10PM9AM-7PM12NN-9PM
SM Sta Mesa10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM9AM-7PM10AM-10PM9AM-7PM12NN-9PM
SM City San Lazaro10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM9AM-7PM10AM-10PM9AM-7PM12NN-9PM
SM City Fairview10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM9AM-7PM10AM-10PM9AM-7PM12NN-9PM
SM Southmall10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM10AM-12MN10AM-10PM9AM-7PM10AM-10PM9AM-7PM12NN-9PM
SM Southmall Food Street10AM-11PM10AM-12MN10AM-11PM10AM-12MN10AM-11PM9AM-8PM10AM-11PM9AM-8PM12NN-10PM

The SM Store Holiday Schedule

The SM StoreOther DaysDec. 19-20 (Cubao)
Dec. 19-21 (Prov)
Dec. 19-23Dec. 24Dec. 25Dec. 26-30Dec. 28-30Dec. 31Jan. 1
AuraRegular Hours11AM-12MN9AM-8PM12NN-10PM10AM-10PM9AM-8PMCLOSED
MakatiRegular Hours11AM-12MN11AM-8PM12NN-9PM9AM-7PM11AM-7PMCLOSED
North EdsaRegular Hours11AM-12MN9AM-7PM12NN-11PM9AM-7PMCLOSED
MegamallRegular Hours11AM-12MN9AM-7PM12NN-11PM9AM-7PMCLOSED
CubaoRegular Hours11AM-12MN9AM-7PM12NN-11PM9AM-7PMCLOSED
Cebu, Ilo-Ilo, Bacolod, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, LanangRegular Hours10AM-12MN9AM-7PM12NN-10PM9AM-7PMCLOSED

S&R Store Hours (Extended!)

StoreDec. 5 - 23Dec. 24Dec. 25Dec. 26 - 30Dec. 31Jan. 1Jan. 2

Bonficacio High Street Christmas 2014 Mall Hours

MallDec. 1-19Dec. 20-23Dec. 24Dec. 25Dec. 26-30Dec. 31Jan. 1Jan. 2 onwards
Bonifacio High Street11AM-10PM (Sun-Thurs) 11AM-11PM (Fri-Sat)11AM-12MN11AM-8PM12NN-10PM11AM-10PM (Sun-Thurs) 11AM-11PM (Fri-Sat)11AM-6PM12NN-10PM11AM-10PM (Sun-Thurs) 11AM-11PM (Fri-Sat)

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