Osaka Ohsho Introduces New Dishes!

Osaka Ohsho New Dishes

Last week, I attended the 3rd anniversary of Osaka Ohsho in Megamall.

I already reviewed them some time ago, and I love their original gyoza – that is what they are famous for – but I’m glad to see them also try different things. At least, as a diner, I won’t get bored with their delicious, but standard menu.


During this event, I was able to try most everything!

Osaka Ohsho New Dishes 2017

They introduced some new dishes, namely:


I love truffle, so of course, I liked this one. This is the original gyoza with the addition of some truffle. The truffle is not overpowering, and the sweet balsamic glaze drizzled on top is perfect with it!

Osaka Ohsho Truffle Gyoza


This is just like the original gyoza, except that there are small bits of chorizo incorporated into the gyoza filling.

Osaka Ohsho Chori Gyoza 2


This was pretty good! Perfect for munching. The nori sheets they used maintain their shape and are fried with crispy tempura batter. I would imagine that regular nori sheets might dissolve in batter, but this one works. I love okonomiyaki and the toppings of fried gyoza meat, Japanese mayonnaise, furikake and bonito flakes reminded me of it.

Osaka Ohsho Nori Nachos


I also liked this dish – do you know the dish where they wrap bacon around enoki mushrooms and grill it? Here, instead of bacon, they wrap chicken around the enoki mushrooms, and drizzle it with the same, delicious, sweet and salty sauce!

Osaka Ohsho Chicken Enokiyaki


This is deep-fried tonkatsu, and once you get to the middle, there’s a surprise filling of matcha butter. Sounds good in theory, but I didn’t really like it. It was served to us uncut. The breading was too tough and scraped the roof of my mouth, the tonkatsu seemed dry without sauce, and by the time I got to the part where the matcha butter was, it became too oily. If you can get it sliced, I think that would be better because you can put some matcha butter in every mouthful and “even out” the distribution of the butter.

Osaka Ohsho Matcha Butter Tonkatsu


The best dish of the night! This is the one you have to try! This is broiled salmon topped with cheese, Japanese mayo and tonkatsu/teriyaki sauce. Salmon, cheese, mayo, a sweet & salty sauce – this dish gets me!

Osaka Ohsho Salmon Cheese Aburi


The others at the table weren’t that into the tantanmien, but I finished the whole bowl so I must like it! 

Osaka Ohsho Gyoza Tantanmien


Sorry, I wasn’t able to try this.

Osaka Ohsho Japanese Paella


I thought the black pepper was too strong. I think I’d rather have normal beef gyudon…

Osaka Ohsho Black Pepper Gyudon


The winners for me were the TRUFFLE GYOZA and the SALMON CHEESE ABURI! The Nori Nachos are also worth a try. If you’re in the area and looking for some new dishes to eat, check them out!


Osaka Ohsho
3/L Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall

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