Deal Finds S&R Members Treat 2017, Part 2: FOOD + Small Appliances

Checked out the S&R Members Treat 2017 happening from March 29 (Wednesday) to April 2 (Sunday). Almost everything was on Buy 1 Take 1, and if they were not, then they were definitely significantly discounted!

Members Treat 2017 is more organized and much improved from previous sales, so congratulations to the S&R team!

Here are some of the deals I found at the S&R Shaw branch, but they should have the same deals in other branches, as well. As I’m writing this blog post, I realized that there were too many sale items to feature, I need to break it down into 3 parts!

Part 1: Big Items + Home + Beauty

Part 2: FOOD + Small Appliances

Part 3: Get Ready for Summer!


I so want to buy new sets but the ones I bought from last Members Treat are still so matibay! Hahaha.  For gifting nalang.

FYI, thick, heavy stainless steel pots & pans last longer than non-stick ones. Not only are they more durable, they can also withstand higher heat, metal utensils and rough handling. The only non-stick item you are ever going to need is something for frying – so that the things you fry don’t stick. I also have a ceramic non-stick skillet just for making scrambled eggs. That’s it. You don’t need a non-stick stockpot or stew pot because stews and soups don’t stick unless you burn them. I also don’t like the thought of cooking liquid food like soups and stews for long periods in the non-stick pans because we all know the non-stick coatings can leach toxins into food. Stick with good old stainless. Matibay na, di pa nababakbak. 

S&R Members Treat 2017 Cooks Cookware Buy 1 Take 1

These are really affordable, and they are already Induction-Ready!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Induction Cookware Buy 1 Take 1

This Carbon Steel Paella Pan is Buy 1 Take 1 at P1,199.95 for 2! Gift this to the foodie in your life! Paella pans are difficult to find, so they will be appreciated.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Paella Pan Buy 1 Take 1

More Buy 1 Take 1:

S&R Members Treat Black Decker Steam Iron

S&R Members Treat 2017 Tylr Garment Steamer B1T1

S&R Members Treat 2017 Induction Cooker B1T1

S&R Members Treat 2017 Personal Coffee Maker Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat 2017 Toaster Buy 1 Take 1

All of these are discounted:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Small Kitchen Appliance

Click to enlarge

I was so happy to see the Tough Mama Hand Blender at less P800!!! I have been looking for a good hand blender for several months now, and I finally chose this one because 1) the blender is made of stainless steel, so I can blend hot soups. The cheaper plastic hand blenders melt when blending hot soups, truth! Yipee! No more having to transfer the hot soup to the glass blender every time I want to make pumpkin soup, carrot soup, spinach soup, etc…

2) The Tough Mama hand blender also has the tall plastic glass container thing that is used to make your own mayo and salad dressings! Compared to commercial mayo, home-made mayo is not nakakaumay, and is very delicious. 3) The Tough Mama hand blender also has 3 metal blades to blend things better (others only have 2 blades), and 4) it is also 850 watts while even more expensive brands only have 300-600 watts. I’ve been waiting for it to go on promo since I was still in research mode the last time it went on sale! It’s so difficult to find hand blenders now, take this opportunity to get yourself one. 5) It’s also a local brand so getting it serviced just in case won’t be too much of a problem.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Hand Blenders

Just in case you want to vacuum seal things! That would be so much fun, especially if you buy things in bulk and need to store them.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Tylr Vacuum Sealer

S&R Members Treat 2017 Deep Fryer

More small kitchen appliances on discount!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Small Kitchen Appliance 2

This Delichef Espresso Coffee Maker is almost 50% OFF! From P14,989, it’s now only P7,789!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Delichef Espresso Machine

For the Breville purists: The Breville Barista Express was P37,899, less P9,000! The Breville Dual Boiler was P71,999, less a whopping P16,000! I’ve been looking at Brevilles and for the Dual Boiler, a competing store is selling it for around P60,000, so it’s still a much better deal at S&R!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Breville Espresso Machine


We always have stock of these Buy 1 Take 1 cakes in the refrigerator, always ready for merienda or to serve visitors just in case someone visits.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Cakes B1T1

Butter to spread on your bread!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Arla Butter Buy 1 Take 1

These yummy Califia almond milks are on Buy 1 Take 1! Use this opportunity to try it!

S&R Members Treat Califia Almond Coconut Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat Califia Tangerine Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat Califia Almond Salted Caramel Buy 1 Take 1

These Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes are heavily discounted!

S&R Members Treat Cheesecake Factory

Of course, what’s a weekend breakfast without some just-fried hash browns? It’s 50% OFF so of course, I stocked up! My family loves potatoes…

S&R Members Treat Hash Browns Buy 1 Take 1

These North Star English Toffee Ice Cream bars are also on Buy 1 Take 1:

S&R Members Treat North Star Toffee Buy 1 Take 1

Got 2 packs of these Gold Medal All Purpose Flour for my baking! Wish I could buy more, but flour is difficult to store for long periods… you need to store them in airtight containers. At these prices, it’s less expensive than the ones available in our regular supermarkets…

S&R Members Treat 2017 Gold Medal APF

Wow, Almond Flour is available!!! Almond flour is the ingredient used to make macarons, Mexican mazapan, etc… almond flour is so difficult to find in Metro Manila, so glad it’s available at S&R!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Almond Flour

The famous BeeTouched honey from Taiwan is also available and on promo!

S&R Members Treat 2017 BeeTouched Honey


S&R Members Treat 2017 Walnuts

S&R Members Treat 2017 Pistachios

I bought one of each flavor and 2 of the Thai Chili and Coffee Rub! There are other flavors available. They are only P100 now and don’t expire until 2018! When I’m just too busy to bother with creating a marinade, I just put this on plain fish fillet, plain chicken, or even ground meat to marinate them, then pan-fry or cook them in the turbo-broiler, or grill them. Quick and easy! Also, you can make fried rice with these spice mixes if you are tired of plain sinangag!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Weber Coffee Rub

S&R Members Treat 2017 Weber Thai Chili

I also bought one of each flavor of these Celestial Seasonings Cold Brew Tea! It’s P199, Buy 1 Take 1. That means, it’s only P100 per box of 40 tea bags. So each tea bag is only P2.50! Sulit! Imported pa! I love iced tea so this was quite a steal. I am going to try making some tea with them today, and if they are really good, I will go back and buy more! Oh, and you can mix and match the flavors for the Buy 1 Take 1  Sure beats the hell out of powdered iced tea, which I really don’t like because powdered iced tea tastes very artificial!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Celestial Seasonings Cold Brew Tea Buy 1 Take 1

Most of the chocolates, cookies and candies are also discounted, but I won’t include them all here, it would be too much! But Twix, Hershey’s, Snickers, etc… all on promo!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Green Tea KitKat

This one had me at Rose. And then white chocolate pa?! This looks good! And it’s only P100!!!  I think it will be a good pair for my Celestial Seasonings Cold Brew Tea (see above).

S&R Members Treat 2017 Royal Dansk Rose White Cookies

Twinkies on Buy 1 Take 1!!!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Twinkies Buy 1 Take 1

These are my favorite breads from S&R! King’s Hawaiian Rolls. I always get them whenever they are on promo! I love them toasted a little bit in the oven toaster, and served with jam or butter and coffee! They are a little bit more expensive than regular rolls, but really, really good! That’s why I wait for promo then buy a lot! 

S&R Members Treat 2017 King's Hawaiian Rolls

Various frozen seafood are also on Buy 1 Take 1:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Cream Dory Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat 2017 Vannamei Shrimp Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat 2017 Sanma Kabayaki Buy 1 Take 1

Check out these New Zealand beef on promo!!! They are really better quality than regular beef. They have that buttery smell that I love!

S&R Members Treat 2017 New Zealand Beef

Click to enlarge

I bought a pack of these New Zealand Beef Short Ribs and I made galbi-jim! Recipe coming up in the next posts!

S&R Members Treat 2017 New Zealand Beef Short Ribs

There are so much more items on promo during the Members’ Treat 2017, I just can’t post them all!

I’m working on Part 3 right now, will post it ASAP because I know you’re all excited to see all the promos!

If you haven’t seen it, check out Part 1: Big Items + Home Stuff and Part 3: Get Ready for Summer!

The S&R Members Treat 2017 sale is until April 2, Sunday, at all S&R Warehouse branches! Take this opportunity to buy the things you’ve always thought of buying. Sayang, naka-sale na! 

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