S&R Southern-Style Fried Chicken (P649) Bucket Meal

We visited S&R for some last minute grocery shopping before the holidays and I saw this new bucket meal promo: S&R Southern-Style Fried Chicken 10-pc Bucket for P649!

SnR Southern Fried Chicken Bucket

The S&R Southern-Style Fried Chicken Bucket Promo (P649) includes: 10 pcs of Southern Fried Chicken, 5 servings of rice, gravy and a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke.

There are so many things going on right now leading up to the holidays that I didn’t have the time to meal plan. So when I saw this promo, I was like, that’s dinner!

I have always liked S&R’s Southern Fried Chicken but we buy the pizza more often by default. Anyway, when I called home to let the help know not to cook anything for dinner anymore, she had already started on the rice. So it was a good thing that the S&R Southern-Style Fried Chicken Promo had a Chicken Only option – 10 pcs of Southern Fried Chicken for only P599.

The P649 promo is of course, the much better value – you get 5 cups of rice and a liter of Coke for only an additional P50, but we already had rice at home.

S&R Southern-Style Fried Chicken

The chicken pieces are actually quite big, definitely bigger than the usual ones we see. It is also a bit more salty, but I think it is just perfect when eaten with rice, and I don’t even need as much gravy like I usually do since the breading is tasty enough. I like the breading – it is crispy and flavorful. My favorite part is actually the wing because it has more breading than the other cuts 

SnR Southern Fried Chicken Bucket 2

I wish we could have gotten more gravy for take out, since I am one of those people who use up gravy as if it were soup (haha), but the max we could be given for our order was 5 of those containers. If you were to dine in, you can have unlimited gravy – all you need to do is to bring the empty container back to the counter and ask them to refill it.

SnR Southern Fried Chicken 10 pcs 2

This was a very easy dish (ulam) that everyone loved, and we still had enough leftovers for another meal the next day, which no one minded at all! To reheat, I like using the oven toaster instead of the microwave to get crispy skin.

*Senior citizen discount cannot be used in conjunction with this promo.

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