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Cheapest Data GOTSCOMBODD70 Now Has All Net Texts

I know a lot of my readers are relying on Globe’s Gotscombodd70 promo where they get 1 GB of mobile data and 1,000 Globe/TM texts good for 7 days. But reader S. N. recently emailed me a screenshot showing that instead of 1,000 Globe/TM texts, Gotscombodd70 now includes unlimited texts to all networks! I saw Read more »

Globe Prepaid LTE SIM now available!

Globe has finally released LTE-capable SIMS for the prepaid market! Globe LTE used to be only available to postpaid subscribers, and since I like using GoSurf299 + Spotify, I have been waiting for Globe to finally make LTE available for prepaid subscribers. Now, if only Globe finally includes my neighborhood in their LTE coverage, that Read more »

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