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GigaSurf 50 is Cheapest 1GB Mobile Data

A lot of you have been asking in the comments if Smart’s Saktodata stacks with Gigasurf. So yesterday, I thought I’d try it and see. I first subscribed to another Saktodata99 promo to extend last month’s subscription – the Saktadata99 stacks with other Saktodata promos like the Saktodata30 and the Saktodata99. The free minutes, free Read more »

Anti Distracted Driving Act Reminders from Smart

Atensyon sa Kalsada Para Iwas Disgrasya Smart Encourages Pinoy Drivers to Use Mobile Devices Responsibly According to the 2015 World Health Organization Global Status Report, talking on the mobile phone while driving has a greater chance of getting into an accident by four times. This and other mobile-phone related accidents is what the Anti Distracted Read more »

Cheapest Legit Internet 1GB for P70 – Smart Big Bytes 70

Okay, everyone has been complaining about Surfmax. Not that I blame them. But this mobile internet “crisis” has made people look for alternatives, and I just heard of this legit mobile internet promo from Smart. This is apparently Smart’s counter to Globe’s popular Gotscombodd70. Smart’s Big Bytes 70: 1 GB open access volume no text Read more »

Smart Promo Auto Renewal Problems

I have been a happy user of Smart’s postpaid Freedom Plan since it first came out in 2012. I didn’t have any problems with it and even convinced my immediate circle to switch to the Freedom Plan. This was the moment when I changed how I looked at Smart. Before that, I always thought of Read more »

Smart Unlisurf Ending, Replaced by Surfmax

UNLISURF ENDS, TO BE REPLACED BY SURFMAX The past several days, I have been getting reports that Smart is phasing out Unlisurf by the end of October. Barat Ako readers have been reporting that they receive messages from Smart when registering to Unlisurf, such as: Starting October 31, 2015, Smart Bro UNLISURF will no longer Read more »

Unli Surf is Back! But No More Free Internet

Smart has brought back its popular Unli Surf due to insistent public demand. According to the customer service rep I spoke with, Smart stopped offering Unlisurf last January, but has brought it back starting February 26, 2015, and will be available until further notice. The following Unlisurf promos are available: Unli Surf 50 (1 day) Read more »

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