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Gigi Gaerlan’s Luscious Custaroons

These Custaroons are awesome! I received these as a gift, and if you love smooth, creamy, sweet leche flan and coconut macaroons, you’re going to love these! Remember those sweet and chewy coconut macaroons that were the “in” thing years ago? I am talking about the coconut macaroons that look like coconut cupcakes, not the Read more »

New Rainbow Dedication Cake from Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon introduces the new Rainbow Dedication Cake Tired of the usual, plain-colored birthday cakes? Red Ribbon now offers a Rainbow Dedication Cake that has several colored cake layers inside for a wonderful surprise when you cut a slice. “Red Ribbon Dedication Cake is well-loved by both kids and moms alike. That is why we Read more »

What’s in My Bag? Columbia’s Candies!

Last week, I received a surprise package from Columbia! You know, the maker of those candies many of us grew up with. I stored some the candies in an air-tight glass jar and left it on the dining table for everyone to help themselves. The Monami Strawberry & Cream candy is my favorite. They had Read more »

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes in Manila

Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing the famous duo from the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes at the Glorietta. Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Bestfriends Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong are the self-taught buttercream masters behind Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes. Currently based in London, these two Filipinas are renowned globally for their edible Read more »

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