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Marvel’s Runaways Exclusively Available on HOOQ

Marvel seems to be on a roll, producing a good number of TV shows lately. I just finished Marvel’s Inhumans a few weeks ago, and just started Marvel’s Runaways. In the Philippines, Marvel’s Runaways is available on HOOQ – the largest Video on Demand service in South-East Asia. In a new exclusive Marvel offering, the first Read more »

WinTV Digibox HD Digital Receiver Review + GIVEAWAY!

Look at what arrived at The Barat Queen’s home! It’s a WinTV Digibox for review. The WinTV Digibox is a locally manufactured High Definition Digital Receiver. As far as I know, it’s the only one that’s locally manufactured. Support local businesses!  WHAT DOES THE WINTV DIGIBOX DO? It enables your TV to receive the clear, Read more »

Recommended: Netflix’s New Release – Stranger Things

Netflix quietly released a new show called Stranger Things last July 15. While there wasn’t much fanfare (none that reached me, anyway), I had begun hearing about the show on social media. People were all praises for Stranger Things. ***NO SPOILERS*** I watched the trailer on Youtube, but it seemed like a horror film and Read more »

What TV Shows Are You Watching? March 2016

Second Chance is a good TV show that you should watch! It has action, futuristic science, crime-solving, family drama (but not too much), and just a tiny bit of romance. It’s in danger of being cancelled because not a lot of people know about the show. So here’s my contribution to let more people know Read more »

I Am Done With Grey’s Anatomy #greysanatomy

Is anybody else here upset about Derek Shepherd’s recent death on Grey’s Anatomy? Sorry if I spoiled you, but the chances of that are quite low because the internet basically exploded about it yesterday. Yeah, I know I’m late posting this, but I wasn’t able to watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode until last night, Read more »

5 TV Shows I’m Going to Stop Watching This Week

After watching the first 4 seasons of Game of Thrones Season 5 (in case you didn’t know, it was leaked 2 days ago!), I just realized that I’d rather watch quality shows than keep wasting my time watching shows that I don’t care about anymore. I have been watching these shows mostly out of habit Read more »

Why I Recommend Marvel’s Agent Carter

I just finished watching the season finale of Marvel’s Agent Carter. I normally catch up on my TV shows at night but I just couldn’t help watching Agent Carter as soon as it was available! Now that the series is finished (still hoping for a Season 2), I find myself asking – How am I Read more »